Oct 1, 2013

4 Creative! Clothes Hook with Sticker Notes

Brilliant. I was so excited when I saw these stickers above the clothes hook in the fitting room.

You'd think I could have arranged it in the same manner even without the sticker signs but I'm going to tell you honestly that I wouldn't have. This is me. I'll be carrying 5 blouses into the fitting room. Try one on, love it to bits and hang it on one side. I'll try another, get excited and hang it on the same hook. Then.. wonder what made me love the first one. I'll try the first blouse again ...starts thinking about budget, cash or credit card, did I bring the store card for points, is it 'no plastic' day, do I really need this, is it flattering, what shall I cook for dinner today ...

By the time I reach for my fifth blouse, I'd be having second thoughts about everything and wonder what clothes organised in the left meant and why I had some on the right. This (below) will help me remember!



  1. Now we have more reason to try new clothings. lol

    1. Lol...true. I enjoy trying clothes. Never know what you may find. Try ten, buy one ^.^

  2. nice one.. i like the stickers too


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