Jun 23, 2011

4 Fratini's Restaurant @ Labuan Island

Not a dime in a dozen (shhhHh.. its probably the only Italian restaurant here)  - That's Fratini's Restaurant.

"HungryYyyEee not, you?" That's how my aunt and I typically converse with each other..in a slew of kampung English with the highs and lows of the pitch in the wrong place.

We had both skipped lunch after a huge breakfast and we thought of braving through until dinner. Alas, by late afternoon, we could not stomach the noise of disapproval emanating from the spare tyre around our waistline (do we still have that?..a waistline I mean).

The idea was to go out and grab some light snacks for tea, like a curry puff or a custard tart. I really don't know how we landed ourselves in an Italian Restaurant instead.

Here we are at Fratini's

Nice ambience

Mm..mmm..pizza's here!

Darn it all..what DID we order (yummylicious, kay)

Open concept kitchen

Raviolis being made (I've never eaten these!)

Drinks are delish (Frappuccino n Iced Lemon Tea)

I'm so glad we came here. While restaurants like these are abundant in Kuala Lumpur, it's a gem of a find in a small populated island. 

Food is pricey by Labuan standards but if you're not new to this, then you'd probably say "Not too badlar".

Fratini's is a great place to chill out considering there's no Starbucks or Coffee Bean here for the more affluent city-dwelling tourists.


  1. What about the hotel, Fratini's Inn. Is it okay? Decent enough?

    1. I haven't stayed there so I can't really say but it looks decent enough on the outside - quite neat / clean.

      Just around the corner is Hotel Aifa. It's new. I saw it when I last visited the island months ago - in case you wish to check it out :)

  2. I've checked with hotel aifa but it's fully booked. I'll try fratini's inn. Thanks!


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