Jan 22, 2013

0 A package from Claire Organics

And then there are days I'm just so excited for the simplest reason. I've got mail!

It's arrived in a neat brown package, decorated with a pretty piece of white paper lace. That's Claire Organics for you - a glimpse of their creative side.

No drinking, please

What they're really into is organic soaps, the handmade kind with a lot of love put into it. Their passion for chemical free body wash products has me admiring them for their tenacity in coming out with unique ingredients for soap making. I believe a lot of research went into it.

I'd never even heard of breast milk soap before this but there you go, it only goes to show that nothing is really impossible these days if we let our minds wander in abandon.

This is my stash from Claire Organics - Calendula, Purple Gromwell and Guinness Stout. I bet you're going "???". Well, you can click here to read about these amazing products if you want. I'm off to try out my new stuff.

Organic Soaps


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