Jan 12, 2013

2 Present Day

A significant day, is it not? ....Present day.

I'm talking about Birthdays. Mine just came and went. Only twelve days into the New Year and I've already wished four other family members, theirs. Capricorns, the lot of us - Mom, aunts and cousin!

Because there's so many of us, it's usually celebrated with some fanfare. I remember the time my mom and aunts all dressed up in Mickey Mouse t-shirts for the Birthday-do. I had to go in something else because I loaned mine to mom. That was us then, always enthusiastic about doing something for our special day.

With Birthdays, come presents. Some big, some small, some plain good ol wishes. Whatever cometh, it made our day.

Mom and dad sent me a basket of beautiful red roses this year. These were arranged by Pure Seed Florist. They're well known for their expertise in fresh flower arrangements. I am absolutely enchanted with how vibrant it looks. Oh, how it lifts my spirit.

I am also enamoured with this elephant mobile holder from my other half. Elephant, for obvious reasons..he is a fan of my blog. See the message on the card? It says "Gambatte", meaning "Do your best" or something to that extent.

What's a Birthday without the cake. It's an unbroken tradition despite pleas of "No needlah". Here's mine without the flaming sticks of wax. There was a time when all the candles could fit onto my cake..mmm!

Birthdays are special. I can never get enough of the fuzzy feel-good vibe that follow the many warm wishes I receive on this day. It renews my spirit!


  1. Happy Birthday, dear! I am a fan of your blog too! Gambate! Gambate!! Yeay!!!
    Be well n happy always n keep on blogging!!
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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