Jan 28, 2013

2 The RED Lunar New Year Campaign

The alarm was set for 6a.m. It was a spur of the moment thing. I felt like I needed some fresh air so I got up early for a stroll in the park.

As I was enjoying the cool air with machoman by my side...

"Flower! Flower!" I dug my camera out from my pocket..which I brought along 'secretly'. 

"Ling, I'm surprised you brought your camera. There! There! Another red!" I looked at him with my eyebrows raised.

"Ahem..for Lion Girl's red campaign, kan?" He continued. Impressive. Hubby knows. I laughed.

It's exciting. Eleven days into the campaign and here I am sitting and reflecting over this exercise of posting photos of any red object onto our Facebook. Brilliant ..this red initiative has got to be the most brilliant idea ever! It makes counting down to the Lunar New Year more meaningful. What better way to get ourselves into the mood than post photos of all things red - the must-have, must-wear auspicious colour that is traditionally tied to this celebration. 

I've been faithfully posting one red photo per day and these are my favourites ..

A Hanging Decoration - Love this one because it's so festive!

My Happy Red Mug - Ideally balanced!

Ok, these really are "red" flowers I took from the park. I blame my camera for playing this trick on me!

By the end of the campaign, my Facebook account will be a wall of festive red. I have Lion Girl to thank for making my page so beautiful and for keeping the spirit of cheerfulness alive in everybody's hearts with her infectious "wakakakaka" (that's a guffaw for you) and her many supportive words.


  1. Awwwwww.... you making me blush dah.... crossing arms and legs, head down shy shy... (^ . ^)
    Glad you are enjoying the RED "project"! Hmmmm, why is everyone calling this a project ah?? It's FUN lah! Hehehe.... Yum Seng! N Hung Hee Fatt Choy!! Yeay!!

    1. Ya, it's so fun! Thank you for inviting me to join..yum sengg! Kong Hee Fatt Choy to you too xo ^.^


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