Jan 20, 2013

0 Choc-Vanilla Spiral Cookies

Choc-Vanilla Spiral Cookies

I don't often bake cookies. Well, that's an overstatement. Ooo..I'm terribly embarrassed to say it but I can only recall one other time I baked it! That would make this attempt my second. Still very much a newbie.

My sudden urge to bake is prompted by a recent book purchase - The Australian Women's Weekly, Baking. I love how the recipes are neatly presented. The photos are simply amazing - gorgeous shots with vibrant colours that'll make any kitchen enthusiast swoon.

"Oh yes, why was I baking again?" I chide myself.

RM19.90 from Popular bookstore

Anyway, I was flipping through the pages and ..

"Mmm..freeze 1 hour, rise 1 hour." Surely, this will try my patience.

"Divide mixture into p-a-n h-o-l-e-s...?" Baffling. Why would pan have holes? I scratch my head on this one.

"Combine ingredients a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i ..." Okay, no.

"Ahah! Page 81!" I scurried to the kitchen confidently, banging cabinet doors, mixing flour, eggs, sugar and what-have-you. I was done in just about an hour plus. The recipe is brilliantly short and sweet, requiring only the most basic baking ingredients. I'm sorry I can't post it here...at least, not without permission.

Check out my masterpiece. Tadaaa!

Fresh out of the oven

The first bite didn't excite me much. I was a little disappointed with myself for choosing something that looked "so bland" by my definition. I am after all a chocolate chip, marshmallow kinda girl.

The next day though, I was hooked. Now, I think it's simply scrumptious. Perhaps it's all in the mind. I'll never be a great food critic..ever! *chomp, chomp, chomp* 

It grows on you

Hah..I even made heart-shaped ones!


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