Jan 27, 2013

0 Electing For Good

That's where my vote is going this election - to the good man. It will be nothing to do with which political camp I support because I am no blind follower.

I will not abide by a wrong nor defend it in a show of steadfast loyalty. I'm afraid I have yet to reach this level of insane illogicality and the cruelness that comes with it. This cruelness that is so unabashedly displayed these days for the online world to see. It baffles me. The name-calling - DAPigs, Najis?

When have the hearts of Malaysians turned black with hatred and where have our manners gone in all this? Do we generally lack the EQ to handle situations unfavourable to our interests or beliefs? If we were once known worldwide for our down-to-earth and friendly demeanor, I am certain that we have fallen down the rank this day.

I cannot understand why anyone would agree to burning bibles or come out with hair-brained ideas that my tresses can only be cut by stylists of my gender. I fail to see how,  "If you vote for me, I give you this and that" is not construed as bribery. I cannot even fathom how it is very "nice" to arrogantly suggest that fellow Malaysians leave the country because they raised 'sensitive' questions. I don't get that warm fuzzy feeling knowing we have hum sup laos (perverts) as leaders. 

Can there be no beginning to intelligent debate amidst all this bickering? Are we heading towards a kind of extremism where we are slowly being coerced into becoming opinionless yes men?  

I think what we are all forgetting is that every Malaysian has a right to support whom they please and they should be given access to credible news and information so that they are able to make sound decisions on their own. There will always be bad apples in every political party. I believe that it is the duty of the rakyat to ensure that the rotten ones do not get elected in. This responsibility does not solely fall onto the shoulders of party leaders. We play a key role too.

At the end of the day, it is only when our parliament is filled with capable and honest individuals that our country will truly prosper. And it will not matter which party they come from because they don't represent any in parliament. They represent only us, the rakyat.

Whether one is a Barisan supporter, PKR die-hard or an independent party believer is of little concern. The important thing is we should all stand together against ill practices no matter which party the perpetrator stands for.

To sum it up, I have never understood the logic of voting for an individual in support of the larger party. In fact, I cannot imagine crossing my ballot for any unsavoury character ..

I am eager to cast my vote in this coming election but it will go to the better man.


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