Jan 1, 2013

0 A Sparkling Start to 2013 - Fireworks at Solaris, Mont Kiara

It was New Year's Eve. My shiny black Samsung mobile phone, bright pink buttons on the side, vibrated every few minutes from an incoming message. One caught my eye. No, it warmed my heart.

It was a New Year SMS from a former colleague. In it, a reminder of our favourite catchphrase, "Go, go, go!". It was our cheerleading slogan to perform our best even in the face of difficulty. The line was adopted from a Hong Kong cop movie. Cheesy us.

I've yet to give up on making resolutions although it seems futile in light of my tendency to forgive myself for my shortfalls. Failure is an excuse to indulge, a pleasurable ice-cream moment and then I'm up about as usual.

Anyway, let me not procrastinate further. I hereby announce that my New Year resolution for 2013 is ...... "GO! GO! GO!". An original.

Good food, good drink, great company - that's how my New Year Eve celebration went. It was also blessed with the spectacular sparkle of fireworks from Solaris, Mont Kiara. Be green with envy, be awed, be you. Check out the short video I recorded of this beautiful display of lights in the sky.

Amazing, isn't it? Happy New Year, everyone!



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