Jul 12, 2011

2 Banana Puff (Cinnamon sugar and everything nice)

I've decided to add more fruits into my largely carbo, meaty diet but got a lil carried away when I bought a whole bunch of bananas thinking I could finish it all in a couple of days.

Black spots started plaguing the outer yellow skin on the second day. I was, of course, bored with eating ripe bananas in the plain by then and knew that if I didn't do something about it soon, it would go to waste.

So I went to my favourite supermarket and stared at the rows and rows of shelves, waiting for that lightbulb "ting!"...and soon enough, there it was, the flash of inspiration!

I came home with just a couple of ingredients I was missing and put my oven to work.

Hah! This is such an easy do, perfect for lazy me. and the guy was impressed enough to believe I was a pro at this.

Operation: Banana Puff

The ingredients

Fresh off the oven with a light whiff of cinnamon

Glazed with honey for that new plastic shine

Soft on the inside, a light crunch on the outside

No fruit shall be wasted henceforth.

- Ripe bananas, sliced 
- Ready made puff pastry
- Cinnamon sugar (to taste)
- Honey

1) Mix bananas and cinnamon sugar together in a bowl
2) Roll/Cut pastry into shape of preference - rectangular, in this case 
3) Place banana mixture on top of rolled pastry, cover with another pastry and seal by pressing the sides
4) Bake according to instructions (around 15mins at 210c using Kawan Puff Pastry)
5) When it's done, glaze top with honey

Note: Don't panic if a little juice leaks out in the middle of bake time - just use a tissue or cloth to dab it off


  1. Nice sharon, I too use the ready made puff pastries as this saves so much of time and its nice too.

    Bananas are so healthy, one of my fav fruit.


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